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Dan Morris teaching Dan Morris will be joining us on May 14th as one of our featured speakers, and we were lucky enough to get him to sit down for this interview.  

Meet Dan!

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Dan R Morris, founder of Blogging Concentrated, a nationwide blogging workshop series for Advanced level Bloggers, has been working in the online space since 2004. His career began in the infomercial world helping convert traffic driven from TV and Radio spots into online customers. He has since worked with hundreds of bloggers on perfecting their online revenue strategy utilizing the tools of social media, SEO and web copy.  

2. When did you start to work in social media?

I joined Twitter in 2008 because I’d been driving traffic to the web via TV informercials and needed to figure out the social media side before I got caught behind. It seems now I might have been ahead.

3. How does a typical work day of you look like?

I’ve got 4 kids who have no problem waking me when they wake. . . so sometimes it is 6. Other times my wife intercepts and I get to sleep till 9. Much of the morning is putting out fires, engaging and answering email. 

Then the afternoon I work on the to-do list, run mastermind groups for people who want to get better online. Some days I drive to my parent’s house (because it is super quiet) and will record website review videos or work on curriculum development for my university clients. 

Then after the kids go to bed about 10 I really get the hard core work done till 2:00 a.m. or so. That’s my favorite part of the day.

4. Do you have a role model in social media. Someone who inspires you?

I love how Gary Vaynerchuk creates buzz

I love what Phillip DeFranco does with video and

I love how Frank Kern crafts sales funnels

And I love Robert Cialdini’s research

5. What is the hardest thing about social media?

Revenue production. It’s easy to stay busy, hard to stay focused and purposeful.  

6. What do you see as some up-and-coming trend in social media?

At some point in time I believe the services that manage all social media outlets will take over. Going from Facebook to Twitter to Digg to FoodGawker to Reddit is ridiculous.

7. Can you name us a brand or company that you admire for their great social media strategy/execution?

Apple. Survive and prosper without it. They are a antastic example because they aren’t doing something just to do it. Serve serve serve your audience at all times.

8 Did you make any social media mistakes in the past or is there anything you would avoid in future?

The biggest mistake is thinking that your time is free. Even if you have time to be on Twitter, someone else (like your spouse) is sacrificing time being with you. If you’re not producing results, you’re abusing the time of friends and family.

9. To be successful in social media, you need to ….?

Serve. Serve. Serve. 

10. What is your favorite book and why?

American Ground: Unbuilding the World Trade Center by William Langewiesche

It has nothing to do with social media, but it is an unbelievable tale of project management at its most crazy. Fantastic read. 

11. What is your favorite quote?

There is no should. – Dan R Morris  (that is totally narcissistic but I say it more than anything) 

Blogging Concentrated


12. What is your favorite movie and why?

Il Postino. I absolutely love the depth of character, the simplicity, the music. Makes me happy. 

13. Is there anything else you would like to add that I haven’t included?

I am an Ironman Triathlete (on hiatus) with plans to someday do the Swim Around Key West.  

14. Where can we find more about you and you work? 

Twitter – @DanRMorris

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