How to Help Your Small Business with Social Media

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How-to-Help-Your-Small-Business-with-Social-Media-Episode-97-e1423676795953guest post by Neal Schaffer

I get a lot of requests saying, “We’re behind on our social media, and we need help.” A lot of these calls for help are coming from people with small businesses, so today I want to discuss some of the options that are available for you, such as working with consultants, agencies, and virtual assistants. We know that social media requires its own set of skills, so it’s important to be willing to dedicate the time to educate and the money to get you access to resources that can help take your business to the next level. Listen to my podcast episode “How to Help Your Small Business with Social Media”. Have fun and I hope this helps

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Neal Schaffer is author of the best-selling Book “Maximize your Social”, global social media speaker and also organizer of the Social Tools Summit in Boston.


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