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Neal Schaffer is one of the keynote speakers on the next Social media Day at UMass Boston. He is author of the best-selling Book “Maximize your Social”, global social media speaker and also organizer of the Social Tools Summit in Boston. Here are his answers to 10 questions that so often asked around social media.

1. What does it take to become a ‘Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer’?

The number one thing you need to do to begin to yield online influence is to become a content creator.

2. Can you describe your daily routine with regard to social media activity?

You’ll have to read the interview to get the entire gist, but sometimes the more you respond in social, the more engagement you get, and this can put a serious time dent in your daily routine.

3. Some CEOs still see social networks as an online marketing gimmick. In which ways does social media marketing have real impact on conversion rates and sales?

Right now 25% of time we spend on the Internet in the United States is in social media – so it’s less about asking about what the ROI is and more about figuring out how to best leverage the time spent in social for your company’s varying business objectives.

4. What approach would you recommend to companies when it comes to differentiating between must-have and nice-to-have social media channels?

If you’re just beginning a social media program – or feeling spread out – start with one or two channels and first measure the ROI from it before moving on.

5. What’s the best content to share on social media? Do you have a social media content plan? And how much time should one spend on Facebook, Twitter & Co?

A content strategy is an essential component of a comprehensive social media strategy, and for most companies the most time-intensive resource part of their social media strategy is spent in creating content.

6. Which are the most crucial components of a successful social media strategy?

There is actually a blog post and an infographic I’ve created called “The Essential Components of a Social Media Strategy”. That will give you the answers.

7. How important is social media monitoring and how to efficiently implement it?

Listening and monitoring is definitely a part of a social media strategy, more important to some and less important to others depending on your social media strategy.

8. What kind of valuable data can social media monitoring deliver and how can one best process and leverage this data?

Whatever is being talked about is data that you can leverage. That’s a lot of data – and a lot of intelligence in that data to leverage!

9. How should one react to brand mentions on the social web? Do companies need a workflow for that?

There are so many ways of acknowledging when others speak about your brand in social, but very few companies utilize these social signals. For beginners, I think it’s best when someone mentions your brand you might want to consider following them.

10. Influencer marketing is an important concept on social media. What’s the best way to find and approach powerful people like you?

The protocol a lot of companies are doing is they find influencers and immediately send them an impersonal e-mail. This is ineffective and unfortunate because, similar to my answer in 9, social gives you the ability to send out an array of signals and begin to build rapport before you need to reach out!

Do you have any burning social media questions that you’d like answered that weren’t included in these top 10 social media questions? Would you like to share your answers to the above questions? Please chime in!


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