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Tell Us About Yourself & Your Background?
I’m Sophia Bernazzani, and I’m a Staff Writer for HubSpot’s Marketing Blog. I’ve worked in several , community management, social media, and content marketing positions since my freshman year of college. At HubSpot, I write about all things social media, technology, inbound marketing, and writing, and I work closely with our Social Media team to create compelling content for a variety of HubSpot channels and media.
Like a lot of social media professionals out there, I didn’t study anything related to my career — I studied International Affairs and Economics at GW in DC. I’ve worked in nonprofits, think tanks, and SaaS companies in DC, Denver, and Boston. Outside of work, I’m an Instagram addict and mostly post pictures of my cats; I love to travel, especially to places warmer than Boston; and I might be the biggest Harry Potter fan on earth.
When Did You Start to Work in Social Media?
I started working in social media at my first internship at an education nonprofit organization in DC. Back then, social media and community management weren’t roles of their own yet, and it was tacked onto my duties as a grants and fundraising assistant. This was before Instagram, before Snapchat, and before Facebook Live — and we didn’t even have a strategy in place.
What Does A Typical Day Look Like?
I’m one of the main Staff Writers for HubSpot’s Marketing Blog, so the beginning of my day is always spent brainstorming and writing the day’s blog post. I love writing about news in the social media space — right now I’m closely following the smackdown between Facebook and Snapchat — but I write about a ton of different topics. Once I’m done writing for the day, I like to work on an experiment I’m running to test the impact of video content on blog traffic. I film and edit videos for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to try to diversify content distribution and drive more social media traffic.
Fun Fact About Me:
I’m passionate about real-paper books and writing with a pen and paper — I think it’s because I’ve worked in technology for so long. Sticky notes and to-do lists for the win.

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